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Friday, February 1, 2013

Last Day At This Miserable Place - Hallelujah!

Can I just say that this has been the looooooongest week in creation? I mean it's awful -and it's still going on! I have another whole eight fuckin' hours here man! I cannot wait to bounce. I'm worried that it will be sort of awkward. Even when I left the job I got fired from years ago, it wasn't weird and I came back multiple times to collect all my shit (I probably didn't even get it all honestly). I want to know why I feel like I've been fired when I quit? In a wrap-up convo we had in the staff meeting yesterday I talked about what the tech guy (who's dropping by the office during a personal visit from LA -his family is from BK) could do when he got here. I suggested that though they remotely wipe everything normally, since he'll be here perhaps he can just do it and make sure it's done right, knah mean? Since he'll be right in the office. "Oh" says Boss Lady "there going to do that remotely at 6pm on Friday." And I'm not sure she was saying it specifically to be an asshole, per se but it was just so asshole-ish. I'm not saying she shouldn't have said it (I did quit after all, I know I'll need to be replaced- and quickly) I'm just saying people- HUMAN PEOPLE- have feelings and perhaps there was a better way to put it. Such as, for example, "Oh they'll probably do that before he comes next Friday." or "IT tends to like to handle that immediately, so he won't need to worry about that" or "Yes, that's a possibility." (That one's sort of a lie but what does it matter?)

Then later in a conference call I had to take with her and the business office personnel, the manager of that office, who is a complete bitch makes a point- IN THE PHONE CALL (when she could have just said it to Boss Lady in the private call they were taking after the conference call) of reminding Boss Lady to change all the security stuff for the office. WTF! First of all, once I bounce on out of this shit-hole I don't ever want to come back. That's number-fucking-one. And two, I am not a thief, nor am I a criminal and they don't have shit I'd want to steal. And up until that moment, right there I had no desire to unleash the secret computer virus that I've been constructing with my absolute total lack of computer knowledge or skill, on their stupid internal network. Like what the hell?!? Plus if I was going to do some crazy ass shit I would have already done it on one of the countless nights I've been toiling here (for FREE) by myself unsupervised. And then people wonder how and why folks show back up in the office with the semi-automatic. They like to act that that shit occurs in a vacuum- and that most mofos weren't provoked and shit. The only difference between normal people like me that just walk the fuck away and nigg*s with the AK is, apparently, that I have a higher threshold for absolute bullshit perpetrated by bitch-asses.

OK, woo-sah. woo-fuckin'-sah.

An-ti-hoo, missed the entire line up last night cuz I was at work late at an event for these punk-asses. But I tried to be clever, I told my DVR (I call him Josh) not to record Greys (so that presumably he'd record Person of Interest like he's supposed to) and I told him not to record Scandal so he'd record Suits (since he only likes to record one show at a time now- despite the fact that I'm at 44% - I erased some of my Obama election/inauguration coverage, Josh erased some more). Don't you know his little plastic behind didn't record Person of Interest OR Greys, Scandal OR Suits?!?! I might as well have not done anything at all or not have had any of that shit on my series queue-since clearly he records what he likes and he don't what he don't. SIGH. So I hope you're still watching Person of Interest because you and the internet recaps are all I will have to go on. Damn.

Anyway, I'm itchin' to get up out of this bitch. I'm fighting the urge to just bounce right now. I cleaned my desk out and have all my stuff together. There is nothing to hold be back except the fact that they've already paid me for working the whole day, so I need to work the whole day.