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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wedding Hangover

Despite dreading it on a level that was almost bone-deep, can I just say that having now participated in my good friend's wedding (bridesmaid #3 ya'll!! Woot! Woot!) I want someone else to get married stat? I want to go to another wedding! How crazy is that sh!t? Don't get me wrong, I don't want to BE in another wedding- that sh!t is for the birds- but I want to attend another wedding. It was all just so lovely and nice and happiness was in the air. It's like something bit me and now I've caught the bug. (sigh)

I wouldn't totally object to it being my own wedding (but since even if I went out on my lunch break now and met my beloved, we wouldn't be getting married for at least another year) I want someone to get married now. Like next weekend, or the weekend after that. You don't know of any weddings I could crash, do you?

I'm wearing the dress and earrings I should be wearing tomorrow, but I was being such a lazy bum I just put them on today. See, thing is Saturday is my mom's birthday and like last year, I'm taking her out tomorrow night to Blue Water Grill. This week at work we're supposed to be cleaning up in preparation for a move we have to make so that they can renovate our offices. When? You ask. NEXT year. Whatever. So this week, we can wear jeans and t-shirts- which I have basically been doing. But I couldn't find the Blondie t-shirt I wanted to wear today (I didn't really look for it, in all honesty) so I put on the outfit I was going to wear tomorrow. Cuz I'm a lazy bum with little foresight, and because all that means is I'm going to have to now spend time tonight trying to find a new outfit for tomorrow. Oh well.

In preparation for tomorrow, I went to the salon on my block (Ye Old "Apparently open 24/7 with the blinding lights in the middle of the night" Hair Shoppe) and had this chick named Khrystal or Kris wash and curl me. She charged me $45! I almost fell out of my chair. (I think she saw that too). I would have completely balked if I hadn't just paid my friend's friend Nicole $40 to do the same thing in Boston two weeks ago. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why you never see me in black salons. I can go to the Dominican ladies and they will wash and set me for $15! But the thing was I didn't want to be set. I wanted them to curl my hair with the curling irons. The Dominicans curl with the blow dryer. So I had no choice. But this girl Kris- who was really nice, btw- didn't do as good a job as Nicole did for $5 more. Plus she put a ton of product in my hair- so now when I touch my hair I pull back a hand filled with grease. Ugh. And the smell of the stuff is nice but nauseating after a while. You know?

She was nice and I came in late so I gave her a larger tip than I might have normally- being that I'm apparently a cheapskate. Anyway, despite the mountain of hold that I sprayed in it after I got home, the sheer volume of product that she put in it (which has my hair so shiny that my coworker wondered if I'd changed my hair color -ouch!) has made it resistant to the hold spray. The curl has been slowly falling out of it all day. I mean I know some of that has to be due to the level of humidity but still...d@mn man! I paid $45 for this sh!t. Oh well.