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Friday, August 26, 2011

Surviving a Hurricane in Style (from UrbanDaddy.com)

"Dear Irene,

Word on the street is you think you’re some kind of big bad storm. Well, we’re not impressed. We survived a ferocious earthquake on Tuesday. If you think we’re going to run, you’re sorely mistaken.

Should you want to pick a fight when you’re in town this weekend, we’ll be hunkered down at one of these subterranean basement hurricane hideouts. Look us up.

But be warned, we’re prepared to go out like Bodhi. Or at least we will be after some last-minute purchases...

Hugs and kisses,

Daddy... I'm with you.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer Season Finale

I finagled a way to see the season finale of Single Ladies on my lunch break today.

Good God is all I can say.

-Keisha's finale was like "eh" 'cuz I can't stand her boyfriend Malcolm so I could give a flying "f" what happens to him. Prison? Freedom? Life on the lamb? He and Keisha as Bonnie and Clyde? Who cares? I mean I do like Keisha though, she just needs a better man- a more worthy love interest. (I'm feeling Rick Fox as that man despite the fact that he weirdly revealed himself to be 5-0).

-April's thing with Darryl was stupid- from the beginning, beyond belief but it was typical of their whole storyline. I understand why she cheated on her husband- a bigger b*tch has not been seen (and I'm including female St. Bernards in my estimation). And the development of her getting with that annoying, unstable musician guy? If she’s too dumb to remember that he’s a raging drug addict then let her have him. She's going from stupid to stupider, like a ditz. I say Go with God, Blondie!

-But Val’s thing. That’s what’s gonna make me tune in next season. She’s so clueless! (Haha, Clueless- you like what I did with that one? No? Too easy? Jeez, you're a tough crowd.) What was she even thinking about going to dinner with Quinn let alone sleeping with him (I know she was sh!t-faced but whatever). And then she was gonna say yes to Jerry, when:

#1. She’s still sex-funky from being with Quinn, and
#2. He’s right there in the other room with a wedding proposal and ring of his own.


First of all, I would never have opened that door. Never. I don’t care if he heard me standing on the other side of the door singing the Star-Spangled Banner at the top of my lungs while he banged on the door be let in. I’d have never done it. Ever. Secondly, what was she thinking? Jerry said he knew the arrangement wasn’t gonna make her happy. He didn’t say he didn’t love her- in fact he said he loved her more. Why? Why? WHY? Would she go out the same d@mn night with someone else? These type of shows are bad for my blood pressure. I actually had to pause it when Quinn came out (deliberately I suspect) to see who was at the door. And Colin Salmon’s face- just about broke my heart (that might also be because he’s the only good actor on the show.) Can I say I love his old southern man accent- you’d never guess he was an Englishman, like Idris Elba on The Wire- they’re just so good!

Anyway, I just had to get all of that off my chest.