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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bad Habits

I'm just in this kind of mood today. To indulge bad habits...

Baby, to tell the truth/ When I’m sober I jonez for you
When its over I’m overdue (huh)/ Girl, its no one as bad as (no one as bad as you)

You got me, you got me/You got me
Slippin around with it/ Around with it, awhile
You got me sick with this love, baby/I’m so, I’m so in love
I can’t come down

This is the highest cost, oh/Take you and make you off
Live you and leave you lost (baby)
Will you forgive me? (will you forgive me?)

Assed out all over town (ah)/Drags you and keeps you down (and I know)
Two times and I take a round
Will you forgive me?

PS. How hot does Kerry Washington look? She's sizzling, smokin' hot! Maxwell is no slouch either. This video should seriously be rated X.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So corny...but true.

This perfectly describes the exquisite torture of new love. Old but forever young. Sang it 'Tasia!!