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Friday, May 2, 2014

TV Funhouse

I'm still watching Person of Interest and Agents of SHIELD ('cuz I have no will power and I'm too lazy to take them out of my queue...AKA exactly what I did with Burn Notice and Psych.) But SHIELD is improving...glacially and PoI is downright good, I hate to admit it. I like that they keep mentioning Taraji. (I had been ready to jump off when they killed her) That helps a bit. This week's episode had just the right amount of everybody (except Fusco).

I'm not sure how I feel about The Blacklist. Sure, I watch it for James Spader, but woman cannot live on Spader alone. Meagan Boone is such a problem. She's like a piece of plywood --without an interesting aspect and stiff. And to top it all off, the wig is awful --it's a crime. I hate that I'm so caught up in aesthetics but it's just who I am. And there's no rhyme or reason to my likes and dislikes. Similarly, something about Ryan Eggold's eyes unsettled me (not in a creepy way, more like in a Ellen Pompeo-style "I find it distracting that you have some sort of facial deformity" way). But he was in the Single Mom's Club- which was horrible, of course- and it changed my whole mind about him. For one, what's he doing in a Tyler Perry movie?!? And two, he was funny in a very cute way in it. So there's that going for it, plus I like Diego Klattenhoff, Henry Lennix and Parminder Nagra. Thank god, because if it all relied on MB's charisma, all would be lost. Fo' real.

We haven't talked about Scandal in a minute (I'm on my lunch break btw). It's just as well, that show is well off the rails. I don't think they even care if the shit makes sense at this point. Any one episode now is crazier than whole seasons of Greys. I know the zeitgeist is to embrace the crazy and just go with it, but now I think they've gotten to the point when they're just indulging in crazy for crazy's sake. Besides the point that Katie Lowes' and Guillermo Diaz's sex lives should never never NEVER be committed to screen, did you see that absolutely vile, disgusting shit where he spat on her (what's with the spitting and these two?!) and then licked the place he spit. Arrggghh!!! Like WTF dude! That shit was so nasty. I had to fast-forward through it (I waited until Saturday night to watch the episode and by then I'd already read recaps that warned me that was coming- thank God!)

I hope Papa Pope is dead, not because I don't love Joe Morton (I do) but because I want to free him (and Khandi Alexander) from this bullsh*t....and also because that would totally serve Olivia right for not staying in her godd@amned lane. She is not a secret agent and no one elected her ass to office, just because she's sleeping with the president (still) doesn't mean she has some kind of mandate to do sh*t! Bitch, you're a fixer, go fix some sh*t and mind your own gotdamn business! (See this is why I'm still watching, I'm still invested, crap!) So many feelings, so little time to write them down.

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