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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


For no reason, and not because he did or said anything particularly, I think I officially have a crush (a teeny-tiny, itty-bitty one) on that guy I told you about on 23. I saw him today on the elevator for the first time in weeks and I said hey and he said hey with matching enthusiasm and he seemed (though it might have been totally in my head) like he wanted to say something else. Don't worry I don't think he wanted to profess his undying love or anything crazy, I'm not bugging out up here on Madison Avenue. I just think he was probably going to ask me how my Thanksgiving was or something small talk-ish. But he didn't because there were other people in the elevator. Still, it was weirdly thrilling to believe that he wanted to say something to me- however innocuous it probably was- that maybe he didn't. Like a secret (no, I'm not insane). Anyhoo, overall, I was so happy to see him that I think I realized right then that this was a nascent crush forming.

Which usually means the beginning of misery but might actually be nice this time, as it's something to keep my mind occupied instead of constantly contemplating giving notice and what I would do to pay for food and my bills if I did. 'Cuz, it hit me after watching last week's SVU that I'm officially too old to be on the stroll. So I have no skills and I can't even seriously consider selling my ass anymore. LOL!

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