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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

TV Funhouse: True Blood edition

Last night I got home early and watched some Josh TV (he really has to go soon). I didn't watch last week's Suits until last night and then I watched this weeks right after. I love that show. I don't like how they're trying to make Katrina nice now, I like that Harvey doesn't like her. That has greater ramifications than when it was just Mike who didn't. It's unfortunate that she's with Louis, but he's destined to be forever misunderstood. Hmm, I love my Louis- (never thought I'd say that but he's like Morris from ER, by the end of that show I'd have married Morris and I couldn't stand his behind originally, ahh, good character development. You know I love it!)

But that's not what I wanted to talk about. Ahh,True Blood . What do you think is going on with Eric? I know they said Alexander Sarsgaard might leave but do you think he did? I knew they couldn't kill Eric off, the fans would revolt so I wasn't sure how they'd do it. The way they did it (if that's what they were doing, which is still in doubt for me) was interesting- and honestly kind of well done. I was surprised though, for a second I thought they were gonna kill off Bill- and I thought that was brave. I mean Stephen Moyer is one of the stars, but I was like "well maybe he wants to stay home and take care of the babies, 'cuz Anna Paquin ain't goin' nowhere."

Every summer, my Dad accused True Blood of going off the rails (and every summer I suspect, but never say, he's right) but it always kind of, in its True Blood way, pulls it back together in time for the finale. I wonder if that will be the case now. Also, are they all going to be able to walk in the sun indefinitely? That would be interesting but weird. And what is this business with Sookie and Warlow. I know she is not going to become his Vampire Bride so I wonder how that's going to resolve itself. I think I know from the books (though I for some reason refuse to read them) that Sookie doesn't end up with Bill or Eric but someone else (not Sam either...oooh we gotta talk about that too). Could it be Warlow? But that's not his name in the book I know that. And she still doesn't know he banished her Grandfather to the nether regions or wherever. She's gonna be Sookie-pissed about that.

Sookie's been better this season but they said that's because Anna Paquin is more mature. They were like they couldn't keep writing Sookie all idiotic and naive like that anymore. One, because of all the stuff she's been through now but also because Anna's a wife and mother now so basically it wasn't a good look. I thought that was interesting. When I read that originally I said to myself, "yeah right, she's still going to be from Bon Temps ain't she? So how mature could they make her?" But they've actually done a decent job. I mean she's still a pretty self-involved cow but it was a little bit better this year.

The rest of it has been chaos though, Terry dead, the craziness with Andy's daughters (who buried them by the way? Are they even dead? Do we know this for certain?) Alcide and that bizarre pack business that didn't make any sense (half of Bon Temp knows werewolves exist, don't they? What difference did one Black girl and her mama make? I could see if they were worried about straight up murder charges but to be outed by just the one chick? seriously?) And then Sam and this girl? I'm sorry but according to the True Blood timeline didn't the bitch Luna (whose child you were gonna raise on your own 'cuz you think she asked you to) just die like two days ago? And now you're in love with a new chick, I'm sorry what? Plus, do you mean to tell me that werewolves and shifters can smell conception? Is that what I'm being led to believe now!?! 'Cuz she can't be more than like a week pregnant, plus Alcide and his dad clearly smelled something in the bed when they were tracking them. WHAT THE F@#$%!?!

Okay. I'm done. I just had to get that out. P.S. I want Hoyt back. I was so happy to see Mrs. Fortenberry. (And I hate her).

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