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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Concert...and Franklin and Bash

I went to a Summer Stage concert! I never go to concerts (I'm not particularly fond of live music...or rather I'm fond of live music, but just byartists I've never heard before. Not artists I'm already familiar with -- yes, I'm aware that's weird). But it was practically in my backyard. It was a double bill: Vivian Green and Bilal. Vivian Green was okay. I don't know why but I always conflate her in my mind with Heather Headley so even though I know her song is "Emotional Rollercoaster", some part of me was waiting for her to start singing "I Wish I Wasn't In Love With You". Dumb, I know. So in the middle of her set she shouts-out her guitarist (which was all the back up she had besides her singers) and she's like "You guys might recognize him because he's Chrisette Michele's guitarist too." Then all of a sudden she shouts out Chrisette Michele in the front row. Funny thing is I had noticed Chrisette coming in.

Now normally, I couldn't pick out a Chrisette Michele in a line up, if she mugged me (still can't). But when she walked in, she had this air about herself, like an air of celebrity. I have to admit, my older brother in LA (an actor) is getting that "aura" too. I don't know what that's about. I guess it's a polish or something, like a sheen or a glow or something? Maybe it really is in the water, I don't know but even on the street with models and stuff you can sense it- do you know what I'm talking about? Anyway, she walks in the VIP entrance (which should have been a clue but really wasn't since the parks department people and assorted others were coming in and out that way too). And she was wearing one of those over-sized wife-beater type tees and some jeans or something. Her hair is still blond but it's done up in these big Beyoncé braids. And she was all made up, but again so were a lot of chicks. Whatever the reason though, I really did notice her walk in and wonder, like, was she one of those BK crunchies or famous or what? She had that crunchy Brooklyn dirty-backpack "I love black people"-type vibes (I don't know how else to explain it but I think you know what I'm saying). :-P

Whatever, so after Vivian is finished, Bilal is not ready (or really not him but the sound tech people weren't ready yet) so Chrisette gets on stage and sings some song I'm totally unfamiliar with (called "Forever" or something like that, she said it was on heavy rotation on BLS). She sang it almost a cappella - all she had was her/Vivian's guitarist accompanying her. It sounded okay. Once she was done, Radio DJ Shayla (who was hosting) brought out some volunteers from the audience to sing briefly. They were all pretty good - not surprising right? Lots of talented black people everywhere just languishing. Then Bilal got on stage to sing his particular brand of strange sh*t (Don't get me wrong, I like Bilal but let's be real. He doesn't sing danceable stuff. He sings strange stuff).

Anyway, the chicks around me, particularly this woman who asked if she could sit next to me (big mistake) all lose their GD minds, like he's Michael Jackson or Jay-Z or some sh*t! They're jumping all over the place and singing along and this b*tch next to me is swinging her arms all wide, throwing 'bows and almost clocks me in the eye with her elbow more than once. Now in all honesty, there was a lot of room in my row because the woman to my right had moved away --the dumb chicks right in front of her in the row ahead of us were doing the same thing. But to move in that direction (right) was to move further away from the stage. And I basically was like, why should I have to move? But I was as hot as a f*ckin' .45, man. I could have drop-kicked that b*tch into the middle of next week! I should have said someone was sitting there (and the irony was someone had been and she asked me to hold the seat for her when she got up but then I saw her get a seat closer to the stage so I was like "oh well forget it").

I was so pissed off by the end of the concert that I literally could have tackled her a$$. I just was fighting the urge all night to be like "Why the f*ck don't you sit your monkey-a$$ down for a minute so other people can enjoy the f*cking concert too?!?!" Look if she wanted to dance, she could have done what the vast majority of the rest of the "dancers" did and leave the stands and go stand in front of the stage. I felt sorry for the people seated in the very front rows, 'cuz they couldn't see shit but, you know hey. That's the risk you take up there. I swear some people really live on their own planet, the lack of consideration they exhibit is truly stunning. Anyhoo, afterward I went to the supermarket to buy my dinner and lunch today then I headed home.

When I got home, I was like a vegetable. I laid on my bed and watched Franklin and Bash. Can I just say, I'm officially done with that show! So now Reed Diamond is having a thing with Heather Locklear and Breckin Meyer is trying to get with the annoying DA? I was like, they kicked Garcelle Beauvais off the show for this tripe? And the other black girl was conveniently off "in Chicago"? Yeah, okay. You know, and it wasn't until Mark-Paul Gosselaar said that that I realized, on F&B all the "women" were represented by Black women. And then suddenly it all became clear -why they kicked her off. I remembered in my Women's Studies class in college they had this quote that always hit me hard:

All Blacks are men and all women are white.

Suddenly that quote made me realized, they probably looked at this show with its cast full of men and Black women and said to themselves "WTF! There are no (people identifiable as) women on that show!" So they "added" some.

That's so depressing but I'm fairly sure I'm not wrong. Funny thing is, if they'd never hired Garcelle and the other girl in the first place, I'd never have even thought about it. It's like Suits. I know I'd have loved Suits whether or not two out of the three women on the show were Black (yes, I'm including Rachel because the only parent they've ever shown is the Black one). But now if they f*cked with that dynamic, I'd be pissed. So it's really subjective. Most of the shows I (and most other Black people I'd guess) have loved had no Black (or brown for that matter) people in the cast at all. We just ignore it. But don't give me Black people then take them away, man! Don't mess with my emotions in that way! I hate them- Franklin AND Bash! Grrr...

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