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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Thought Catalog

So I got this from Thought Catalog, which is one of my new favorite sites. I keep saying that one day I'll try submitting something. That day has yet to come. Anyway, though I only included number one but I think you'll appreciate numbers four and five, like I did. Check it out:

"5 Universal “Truths” About Dating I Don’t Understand

1. Never want it more than him or at least, never share that information.

The last guy I was dating seriously was so busy all the time that the majority of our relationship was typed out in that little text box on my phone.

Hey I’m out at X bar with some people if you want to join after work.

Hey I’m going out to dinner with some friends, can you join?

Hey movie?

Hey coffee?

Hey dinner?

Hey drinks?

Hey I think I’m having a relationship with your phone

Hey nevermind.

If I like someone, I don’t understand why I have to hide it just so I seem more desirable. To me someone who is acting aloof and busy is undesirable. I have my own life, but ostensibly I am looking for a partner who would like to share that life, which would mean expressing interest in hanging out once in a while or just texting back, even if it’s to say you’re over it.

I think it happened when I was breaking up with the inconsiderate academic who wouldn’t settle down and the not-so-great guy I was “seeing” occasionally. I can’t exactly pinpoint where in the middle of those years I missed it all, the dining a deux, the pairing off, the engaging, the walking-down-the-aisling, the childbearing, the mortgaging and the like. I’m not sure exactly, but I can remember crawling out from the crumpled sheets of that emotionally stunted, yet gratifying time and thinking: what the fuck.

I mean I was and am still learning to date. Still learning how to turn on charm, negotiate between witty banter and meaningful conversation, fighting not to get too drunk on nerves and bourbon as the potential of a night is discovered or uncovered. As it unfurls like a newspaper, all promise and smudgy fingered...."

Read the rest: http://thoughtcatalog.com/2013/5-universal-truths-about-dating-i-dont-understand/

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