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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Crisis!!! Argh!

As I knew in all my nightmares would happen, my iPod finally erased all 1800 of my songs and all I have left is the 300-400 songs that I bought legally from iTunes. It was bound to happen. I've just been waiting- like a fool. Just last week I was saying to myself "You should just bite the bullet and pay for iCloud, so you can stop worrying." But I didn't. And now I'm bereft. So as was my fall back plan, I emailed Claire to see if she would be willing to have her husband send me the contents of my CPU (which they have- longish story). I don't think she's going to do it, in fact I don't think she's going to even respond to my email. But my therapist (with whom I've been talking about this CPU issue for at least year now) thinks that if she was ever my friend and if she has even one reasonable bone in her body, Claire will do it. Like I said, I highly doubt it. And if I'm right, I am assed out. All my music is gone. Years of CDs and illegal downloads....gone, poof. I'd be sick about it but I don't have the energy. I feel resigned at this point.

Well, that and the fact that I have one last Hail Mary (and it would be a real miracle if it works). Since I never throw any thing out, I actually still have the CPU from before my last CPU. And most of my music was on that computer too. It's just that I haven't turned that computer on in almost ten years. So IF it will even turn back on after all this time, all the data might be corrupted. But I'd pay some tech-guru to retrieve it for me - that would -guaranteed -be cheaper than trying to buy all that music again. Anyhoo, we shall see what comes to pass. Pray for me, and the magnanimity of Claire (I laugh at that).

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