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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Standard English Shopping List

As it is October and I am not taking my annual trip across the pond, I'm just going to list my typical go-to shopping list when I'm in the UK. (God I'm already jones-ing for my Yorkshire Gold tea):

1) Two or three bottles of Boots-brand Witch Hazel and Tea Tree Foaming Face wash

2) One pack (four or six bars) of Imperial Leather soap

3) One or two small tins of Vaseline lip balm (In whichever flavor they have: regular, rose, aloe vera, cocoa butter- the little tins are different colors based on the flavor- they're so cool)

4) Pack of Cadbury dairy milk chocolate bars (they taste better than American Cadbury - I've been told it's because the English kind contains more milkfat)

5) A sack of Wotsits (A google search can tell you what those are)

6) a 2-litre bottle of Lilt (grapefruit-citrus soda)

7) a 2-litre bottle of Orange Fanta (it tastes different in the UK - closer to Orangina but better)

8) various sundries from Marks and Spencer (bras, panties and wonderful smelling body washes and lotions)

Yeah, yeah it's all junk but it's awesome British junk.

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