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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Putting in Some Undertime

I gotta get out of my office and go get something to eat (at least an apple or something) 'cuz my stomach is growling- or something approximating that- like crazy. It actually feels a little upset but I know that's hunger. I was working steadily this morning- grinding it out but I got sidelined by a mid-day conference call so now I've slowed down and I'm checking out CNET to hear the latest on the Apple vs. Samsung copyright infringement lawsuit (did you hear about that?) Apparently, Apple won and now Samsung owes them about a billion (with a "b") dollars. Interesting.

I also watched the pilot of The Mindy Project" on hulu (listened to it while glimpsing parts of it briefly is probably more accurate description of what actually went down). It seemed interesting and it was decently funny. Mindy Kaling needs to work on her delivery a little- she's a bit wooden, but that didn't hurt Jerry Seinfeld. Admittedly, though Jerry is not a little, cute Indian woman though- so they might not give her as much of a pass as they gave him. But it was cute- the premise is that she's a pediatrician that is completely inept- not at her job but at her life. The way the show starts she's explaining to a police officer why she was arrested for drunken disorderly-ness (not a word) and public intoxication for have ridden a bicycle into someone's pool after having attended her ex's wedding.

Like I said it was cute and it's refreshing kind of to see Mindy being like white identified and have like stereotypical "white girl angst" while being so clearly not white. I mean that girl is darker than me and it's not at all the point- she's as white-identified as can be. It's interesting and refreshing. They're telegraphing an inevitable romance between her and my backup-lover #5 Chris Messina (that was Rashida Jones' new guy in Celeste and Jesse Forever). He's an obnoxious colleague that she should obviously be with but who she hates right now. I wish it was a little more subtle but on a more positive note she's got a booty-call thing happening with a British colleague who's hot. So she's not asexual or anything. A girl of a certain size, age and race that has an active sex life and is desirable. That's nice. Anyhoo, I need to get back down to business but I'm taking this moment in lieu of a lunch break (Which I honestly rarely take- I just goof off intermittently through out the day). What should I eat? I hate everything around here so much now.

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