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Thursday, January 12, 2012

United Kingdom...Here I Come!

I'm in England! Because of the rain, they put me in the first thing smokin' to Toronto yesterday morning. It was bad because that plane basically took off on time which left me with hours to kill (8) before my connection. The immigration guy in Canada who was cute and super nice (can you imagine? Canadians.) Told me they don't usually even let folks back into the international connection area with that long a wait. So technically I should have had to go roam around Toronto for hours and come back...he didn't make me do that though. Hallelujah.

Eight hours later, I got a great seat by the bulkhead. (That's the first row of seats in a class, that has no one in front of you so you have the ill leg room). Let me tell you something: God has the ILL sense of humor. I prayed the night before last that I'd meet the kind of guy I could marry on this flight - literally prayed. In case you were ever in doubt-like Maxwell said, "don't ever wonder" about the highest of the high (totally bastardized that song, by the way). God hears all prayers and answers the select few. So did I meet anyone, you ask? OF COURSE I did! I prayed for it, didn't I?

I sat for eight hours on my flight vibing with a cutish white guy from some small town in Canada right across the river or lake or something from Detroit, who was super sweet and I later found out a fucking Rhodes Scholar! Let me help you out, in case you need it, there are only about 85 of them per year (from all countries -I bet I could Google him if I tried). And he's one of the super smart ones who didn't come from the Ivy League. It's not as if I could say I didn't get just exactly what I fucking wished for right? But guess what else? He's 24! I could see him trying to work out how old I was and his disappointment when he realized. (Which, in turn, made me look over his shoulder when he filled out his landing card to figure out how old he was...damn, damn, damn). That could just be life I was figuring, you know, fucking with me as per usual until he told me his name...it's Josh. (Only my dream lover's name and while I wait for him, also my DVR's name) That's how I know it was God. LOL!

Anyhoo, the plane got in a little after 5:30-6:00, the immigration line was ridiculously long. I told Josh it may have been one of the longest lines I've ever seen. (We stuck together through immigration, baggage claim and customs until we literally had to go in opposite directions). It took forever. So by the time, I'd done that and headed to the train, it was probably seven-ish. I got to Aunt's house by 8:30-9:00 I think. She made me a delightful English breakfast and I took a nap. (I am still whipped, but I could barely keep my eyes open then). But my sweetie pie (and namesake) Maryam is downstairs (she can talk now!) So I gotta go hang with her. I brought Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc. with me so maybe we can watch a bit. Write again later (maybe).