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Monday, November 28, 2011


So this morning I look into my email inbox- one that was recently hacked- hunting for more weird emails. (I sent out a mass apology to everyone after my mom called me about it yesterday irate- absolutely terrified that someone had jumped through the internet and body-snatched me apparently). And I find that I have a new wink and new message on OkCupid. Now at the beginning of last week I did another tweak of my profile because I was certain that it wasn't projecting the "rainbow-friendly" image I wanted. Since then there have been two messages (or rather a wink and a message) plus a couple 4-star ratings that I just got from members indicating to me that perhaps, I'm now on the right track. The wink was from a cute-ish 28-year old and the other message was from a 25-year old Kentucky tranplant (KENTUCKY-really?), here’s what he wrote (no joke, I straight cut and pasted it for you):

"You're exactly the kind of woman I'm looking for. Let's throw all of this internet courtship business aside. "I don't want to meet you over drinks. I don't want to cook dinner with you. I want you to call me, at whatever hour, and say you just need someone to stay over. I want you to say you don't want to have sex with me and just have me oil up your body for you and give you a massage while we're both naked. I want you to keep me in your bed like a stuffed animal that you cuddle with when you want, throw out when you want, and order to come back and cuddle you when you want. I want you to send me sexy text messages. I want to bath with you by candle light on weeknights. Gr---"

All I can say is Wow!

He included his phone number. Now what the hell do I do with this? It definitely piqued my interest. I wrote him back that this was by far the most interesting (and vivid- but I didn't say that part) message I've ever gotten. Which is completely true- forget the dudes who clearly just wanted to f#$% me, even the regular dudes on this site have never written their interest in me so eloquently. In the end, I just asked him if he honestly had written that to another woman before and what her response was. (I doubt he'll be truthful- but I'll be even more impressed if he is). I mean, this message is a bold move. But like I said I don't want to fall for the ole "okey-doke". I have to admit though, I'm intrigued. Know what I mean? I mean really, I could/should be scandalized by this message, right? Or at least grossed out- but I'm not. However, I don't want to contact him and have him think I'm some sort of ho-bag. Is that bad? Am I falling for the okey-doke anyway?

What do you think?

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