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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Miss Bey, continued...

Okay-so I wrote some stuff yesterday and then today I came in and saw even more damning evidence that it’s all been faked, but then on Vibe Online there was the picture I was asking for –sort of.

It was a picture of Bey in a sheer cover up with a bikini underneath. I mean that’s pretty solid. I mean that can be faked too but that’s extremely elaborate and painstaking to do (I'm assuming- not to mention crazy). My only reservation about going back to my original thought process –which was maybe she’s just padding herself up for emphasis is she’s suddenly huge. I mean she’s still got like three more months to go and she’s as big as JLo and Mariah were with twins- but none of it is in her face or arms or anything. That’s just weird. My coworker is a tiny girl (like a size 00 – in the new crazy fashion sizing). She got really big in her last four or so months with both of her kids. But she blew up- like a helium balloon, all of her- her whole body. Not as bad as JLo et al. (where even their noses and stuff got bigger) but her boobs were ginormous, her arms were big, her hips, etc.

On the other hand, the people who carry small, whose faces don’t gain weight and whose fingers don’t get so fat they have to take off their rings, don’t get huge at all. Anywhere. Like Miss Jada- with both Jaden and Willow. They walk around looking like snakes that swallowed basketballs. They don’t get freekin’ enormous everywhere except anywhere it counts for fashion, i.e. the face, the arms, the legs (she was wearing hot pants a couple weeks ago and her legs looked exactly the same). Even as I write this, I seem to be re-convincing myself that she’s a faker. Until she takes off the sheer muumuu and lets us have a gander I’m not convinced. (Not that my opinion counts for anything at all).

I’m just saying…

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