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Monday, October 17, 2011

How Refreshing: A Case of Total Ignorance of Celebrity

Lovers' Carvings by Bibio

I discovered this song (I'm trying to remember that "discover" is a loaded word whenever you refer to something people already know or -cough, cough- Columbus?) at the end of the movie The Switch.

I didn't really love the movie but I really dig the song. I'm not a big fan of Jennifer Aniston's in general but I like Jason Bateman so I watched it. Really, the movie is a dramedy anyway. Which is not the way it was marketed, it was marketed as a comedy but it's only moderately funny. In actuality, it's kind of poignant in the best parts.

What is funny though, actually is almost totally unrelated to the film: I think I might be three degrees of separation from Jason Bateman. No, really it's true! I swear, one of my best girl friends is dating a guy in the film industry that is supposedly friends with him. Now I say "supposedly" not because I don't believe he is or that he's not telling the truth or something, but because my friend is like the ideal rich person/celebrity girlfriend. In that, she has absolutely no interest in her BFs business dealings or net worth or anything like that. She's perfect because she is totally without agenda. I say that because if it were me I'd be very interested, in meeting people and knowing things. Not in a gold-digging way, just in that all that stuff is very interesting to me. Hollywood and celebrity culture interest me...a lot. Luckily for the dude she's with, my friend on the other hand, couldn't care less.

Case in point, when the BF was visiting her (it's a long distance relationship) and he told her he was going to have dinner with his friend (Jason), she's like "okay, well I'm going to use the opportunity to rest after a long and particularly trying day of work, you have fun." Now, me? I would have insisted on having dinner with them, if for no other reason than to meet Jason (for whom I've been a fan since Little House on the Prairie), her not so much. She was totally disinterested in any aspect of her BF's Hollywood life overflowing/intersecting with her own. God Bless her!

So all that to say, I used the word "supposedly" not because I'm uncertain of her guy and his celeb connections, but because I don't know with any degree of real certainty that the celebrity she was talking about was in fact Jason Bateman particularly. LOL! It took quite a lot of coaxing on my part and describing actors and movies and such to narrow it down to Jason in the first place. She's the best but movie stars are not her forte. I love the idea of it though...just three degrees away!

Anyhoo, with that in mind, enjoy.

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