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Thursday, February 10, 2011

TV Funhouse II

Now's as good a time as any to admit I have a very co-dependent relationship with my DVR. I don't know what I did before he came into my life and I have no idea what I would do if he wasn't around anymore. In order to honor that relationship, I've anthropomorphized it- him- and his name is Josh. So now you know...

So, Josh didn’t record Parenthood or something. I mean last Tuesday I thought I remembered him listing it at 10 as recording but then when I started going through my queue, it wasn’t there! So I don’t know if I accidentally deleted it (although I think I’d remember that) or discovered a timing conflict and didn’t record it. It's happened before. They’ve been shuffling the schedule and I think it’s creating conflicts all over. Just Thursday night I had the ill-crazy conflict, because 30Rock, Mentalist and PP come on at the same time now. I had to get rid of 30Rock (I’ll watch it on Hulu). But I can see this is gonna become a problem. I can’t add any new things (like Being Human) because I don’t know when the conflicts are gonna crop up with all this movement.

Anyhoo, Josh recorded The Good Wife just fine- which was good as usual. Not as good as some recent past episodes, but a tasty morsel. I’m shocked Peter actually threw in the towel. Despite what his PAC was doing I didn’t think he and Eli would stop them. Speaking of Eli, I love when he goes to deal with that girl Becca. She’s just like evil personified. I don’t understand why the son didn’t just admit that Becca wasn’t his girlfriend, the other girl was. I’m glad Eli kept an eye on her though- does she just like trouble or is she actually in Glenn Child’s pocket? Anyway, the handwringing about the drug dealer irritated me. They’re defense attorneys making big money, not little public defenders. They don’t get into where the money comes from- that’s a poor person’s game (getting on your little moral high-horse and riding into the sunset- broke). Again, Cary is my man- he can just be awful but it’s awful-awesome! He played himself a little – I guess to impress his co-counsel. Complaining about their lack of resources- only to find himself banned from seeing Kalinda (I think that proclamation in the end is gonna end up making him lose his job). Anyway, Michael J. Fox is back this week, I’m excited. Maybe he can take Alicia to school again.

Private Practice was kinda disappointing to me. I thought that Sam was gonna find Addison was backsliding, since Cristian was being type-obvious. I thought the most telling moment was when Addison said “Sam’s your friend?!” and he said “So?” That was crazy to me. I mean she should have shut him down like a bank on Sunday but still that he didn’t even care (I actually hadn’t realized they were friends). The other thing was did you check out Naomi’s expressions? She looked like Shonda was about to do that old b.s. again about her still carrying a torch for Sam. I will say Audra McDonald was giving all sorts of signals to my eyes. When Addison said Archer wasn’t coming (I love the “I wasn’t at the first wedding so I won’t be at the second wedding” quip) Naomi looked disappointed or something. I was wondering Grant Show is on Big Love this season, so I doubt he’s doing any PP (although I don’t see why not), so what was the face all about? Then when she was arguing with Addison she looked really injured and not in that “Addison, don’t be a butthead” way. In the "Don't break my man's heart" way. Then when she was talking to Sam she had that wistful look-

I was saying to myself "get her character a man stat!" I’d say Sheldon because they have the best temperaments for a couple (and they’re already basically the momma and daddy of the office), but honestly I want someone more dashing for Audra. Though I love Sheldon- Brian Benben forever! (a fan since Dream On)- and I still wouldn’t mind them bringing Fife back. Anybody but Sam. Okay Shonda? Been there, done that, let's skip the return outing.

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