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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Soldier of Love, or not.

My V-day was probably the worst one in a few years. But that’s not saying much. Usually, I just watch Valentine’s go down with a very mild wistfulness and some good humor. That worked for most of yesterday, but then in the evening I got a little sad when I saw all the flower and Valentine vendors. Usually I brush it off but yesterday I (very) briefly got caught up. I generally try to be very pragmatic about it all. Last night (I didn’t cry or anything pathetic like that) but I felt like I was missing out. I realized I’ve never had a valentine (really never) and it made me sad. I got over it but it sucked in the meantime.

Well, I know you’re more than over me talking about this and so I have to ask for some indulgence from you. Really I don’t know what or why I’m telling you this because it’s not a big deal, but I feel compelled. Every time I think about the fact that Claire and her husband have been married eight years, it just blows my mind. I mean they weren’t high school sweethearts or anything. Claire had a full and active (adult) dating life before she even met him. How can that be the case? How have they have been together so long already?!?!? WE’RE OLD! Yesterday, I was telling The Guy about my peppermint patty hot chocolate and how I complained about the liquor content of it and how my dear, dear friends all laughed at me. He said “Oh that’s just like my wife. When we were in college, we’d be at parties and after she had one drink I’d find her curled up somewhere sleeping.” So he's been with his wife for ten years at least (based on his age) but probably more like twelve. I just don't understand! When did we get so old? And how did I let my whole single-gal situation get so bad? Whatever.

I'm coming to the conclusion that all the good guys worth having have already been scooped up by girls with the more savvy priorities in college. Namely, to "spend at least as much time worrying about who you're gonna marry as what your GPA is". Since I didn't do much of either I'm really up Sh*t's Creek. I watched Practical Magic the other day for the first time in years and Sandra Bullock's character said she was dreaming of a love even time would stand still for. I still almost choke on the schmaltzy-ness of that. Corny isn't even the word... but I kinda get it now. Ten years after I saw that movie first, I sit alone on Valentine's Day wondering where the time went.

Sade, take me out of here...

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