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Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter-y weekend

My weekend was pretty uneventful. I went to Trader Joe’s on 72nd to check it out. People had been telling me it was there but for some reason I just never saw it. As my mother says if it was a bug it would have bitten me. Big as all get out right there on the corner of 72nd and Broadway on the downtown side- I don't know what was wrong with me. It was interesting though. The whole thing is underground like the Apple store on 59th Street- I guess this is an architechural trend (makes sense since all the real estate above ground is taken). It’s larger than the one in Union Square but it’s not as big (to me) as any of the Whole Foods in the city.

And it needs to be. People were on top of each other in there! I don’t understand why they didn’t get more square footage. But maybe if you go in on a day that isn’t Saturday or Sunday you have a better experience. My companion got a couple things- only came up to $23.00 – so the prices are good. That’s nice. I think I want to go back on Wednesday when I get paid to get one or two things. Otherwise, Saturday was uneventful. We left there to go to SOHO Nails – (shout out to my favorite waxing spot!) so both of us are now (Man) presentable. That is also nice. It makes me feel girlie and not like a beast. Tee-hee. We ate Indian down at Baluchi’s and ended up in Union Square at Crumbs. Cupcakes are exactly what I don't need but I love them anyway. The Union Square area was pretty desolate which was almost eerie. Every restaurant we passed was completely full but the street was empty- weird. There was a line out the door at Bowlmor Lanes too. So I guess it wasn’t that people weren’t out because of the cold they were all just indoors.

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