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Friday, January 28, 2011

TV Funhouse I

So I watched the my DVR'd episode of Criminal Minds Monday night. It was all about Vodoo/Santaria. I was just too depressed yesterday to talk about it. You know what’s funny, it was the first time that I thought Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) was attractive. I think it was a combination of him being secretive and irritable that I found a turn-on (the fact that he cut his hair this season helped too). I’m so weird. He's only attractive at his most obnoxious. I find most episodes of CM pretty out there. Sometimes I watch it and I’m like, “I can’t believe they can show this on Broadcast TV!” With the heads and the brains and the tongues, I was like wow- this is like watching the Serpent and the Rainbow on CBS sat 4 in the afternoon.

I also watched last week's Parenthood and the Good Wife on Sunday. I have to say again how much I’m digging Cary (Matt Czuchry) now. It’s like he had a charisma injection or an a$$hole-ectomy. Getting out of the firm is the best thing the writers could have done for his character. He was so smarmy and such a kiss-a$$ before and now he just seems ruthless. Which is completely sexy to me. (Again...crazy) I didn’t even mind when he said he wouldn’t come back if they didn't double Alicia’s salary for him and making him her superior (which Will would never go for in a million years, btw). Did you notice that he’d only consider joining the Diane’s firm if Kalinda was coming too? I think when they get back into it (Cary and Kalinda) The Good Wife will officially be my favorite show! Do you think that Michael Ealy hasn’t figured out that Will and Diane are back in league with each other? I thought to myself "how dumb are ya’ll giving each other secret nods right in front of Derek in a meeting?" Even if he didn’t see it, one of his associates might have.

On Parenthood, I think Kristina (Monica Potter) is an idiot. I mean, Haddie (Sarah Ramos) is a teenager. She’s lucky she’s even confiding in her grandmother. She could be keeping every adult she knows completely out of the loop- for Kristina to be jealous of Camille seemed to me like looking a gift horse in the mouth. If something serious was happening Camille would tell Adam and Kristina, the same can’t necessarily be said for Amber (Mae Whitman). Kristina’s a dummy.

But Haddie has clearly lost her GD mind! I don’t care how big you are and how right you think you are. I’d have put her teeth in the back of the throat for talking to me like that. The only good thing they did (like Bree did on Desperate Housewives - I almost called it Whorewives...oops) was when they took Haddie’s door off the hinges. The way I grew up- you like slamming doors? Then you don’t get a door to slam. Adam and Kristina are playing around with her. Looks like in this week's episode they’re begging her to come back home. Yeah, right!? I’d be like stay you’re a$$ right there. (But behind the scenes me and Camille and Zeke would have words about them letting her stay. You don’t get in the middle of sh!t going down between me and my kids- you don’t get to be her port in the storm). As you can see I grew up fairly rough and tumble- all the coddling going on on TV didn't exist for me. I guess my life was a smidge more Criminal Minds and less Parenthood.

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