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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New guy for coffee

So I think I might have an admirer. Thank heaven he’s more attractive than the last one was (which I feel bad even writing because the last one was such a nice guy, and a doctor to boot).

So why do I think he’s an admirer? I’m glad you asked. Well, because I could totally be wrong. He may in fact just think I’m a weird, loud girl he keeps running into. What I’m basing my assessment on is the fact that he’s always looking in my mouth. By that I mean every time he's around and I say anything (in his general direction or not), he’s right in the middle of it. Now to be fair to him, it’s not exactly private conversations I'm having, but most people just ignore me (I admit I'm loud- I think it's my hearing- but I keep it below a roar). But this dude, is like staring in my face when ever I speak. Last week, which was when I really noticed (I mean I’d sort of noticed before then but thought it was my imagination), I said something kinda jokey and don’t you know, dude is behind me cracking up. I honestly don’t care, so I didn’t say anything about it but I was thinking, “he’s listening to my conversation… weird.” Today, like I said broham was looking right in my mouth. Every time I spoke he was all over it, which is how the last one was- which is also why I feel free to speculate that the situation might be the same- namely Crush City.

I should stop calling him “dude”, he’s a man. Those kind of pejoratives are a bit of a bad habit of mine. Anyhoo, I think he might work where I do, because I keep seeing him (I'm delibrately being vague about the wheres and whys- in this internet age you never know what will come back to bite ya). But then he might just be “new” to me. ("A million Starbucks in this world and you have to walk into mine"). He's about, um, 6’0 I’d think, maybe 6’1. I'm thinking white and Asian but really he’s kind of racially non-descript. I mean definitely white but there’s something else happening in there too. He’s cute enough. Today, because of the fact that we were all running late and no one really knew what was holding up the Caffeine Express, all us addicts started grumbling to each other. And he kind of hung on the periphery of our "coffee klatch" smiling and nodding and agreeing with the people talking. You know the way quiet folks do. And of course, staring in my mouth as per usual. Every time I spoke I had his undivided attention. I could tell once or twice he almost spoke, but he hesitated and like happens in a group, someone else filled the void. He seems nice. He has that kind of nice/nerdy thing happening.

I don’t know what it is about him but he has ideal husband material written all over him- at least by the look of him (could be a real d*ck in reality or better yet, a psycho killer). In fact, I'd previously made a mental note to myself to look at his hand for a wedding ring, but forgot. I'm sure someone must have scooped him up already, (unless as previously noted, he’s a weirdo). I can’t imagine that his kinda questionable skin is frightening the girls away (By skin, I'm meaning blemishes people, before someone gets pre-emptively, politically-correct-ishly offended). He so clearly would be cute in that old school, John Cusack-y/eighties way (he’s got kinda floppy hair) if his skin was clear. So I’m debating introducing myself tomorrow. I introduced myself to someone once (Claire made me do that) way back when, and I’m glad I did. He ended up being cool peoples.

I know it sounds completely off to say I don't introduce myself to people I don't know. It would make less sense if you actually knew me 'cuz I seem much closer to an extrovert than to an introvert. But it's true. It’s just you know, I’m not that person. I’m not forward. Walking up to random people and just saying "put 'er there, partner" seems strange to me. So I wait for introductions or we pass in the night unknown to one another. I guess ultimately the truth is I'm painfully shy. It’s up in the air, whether or not I'll work up the nerve. Maybe I’ll check the hand for a ring first and then decide from there. Keep you posted of course.

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