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Friday, January 14, 2011

Apple Pie for dinner

I, of course have to go to the Bronx tonight to get my Apple pie…every time I even think it, I’m reminded what a “fat-girl” move it is for me to be going all the way to The f@#$ing Bronx to pick up a pie. A PIE! Unbelievable. Well, this is my life now apparently. I should just embrace it. I could make the excuse that I’m only getting the pie because I had it made for me and since my cousin went through the trouble, going to the Bronx is the least I could do. All of this is true- but honestly if I wasn’t locked in already, I would not be going to the Bronx to pick up no GD pie! OK, the truth is, I do also want the pie. I mean it won't go to waste, if I left it there I know my cousin’s boyfriend would eat it. I don’t have to worry about that. But then I’d also have to hear about the trouble I put my cousin through only to not come get it. It’s hardly worth the confusion. But still that’s a damn convenient excuse for me to be taking my fat a$$ to the Bronx for pie. Mmmm...good pie too. Dammit!

Anyhoo, after I come back from the Bronx, I’m gonna head over to Blockbuster to finally return these movies (the Back-Up Plan and Repo Men) that I’ve had for over four months. I don’t know what’s new at Blockbuster but I think Social Network is in, so maybe that (if I can get it on a Friday night) and something else. Then I guess, buy some ice cream for my pie. Ahh, another wonderful night. Good times.

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