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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Mission Statement

The purpose of this blog is to chronicle -for everyone and no one- the nonsense that goes through my head during work hours. A time during which, by-rights, all my energy and output should be in service to my employer. Of course, though, it isn't. But I'm not alone. Everyday millions of people all over the country –nay, all over the world –devote hours of each and every workday attending to things other than work. This is Undertime. In my Undertime, I will regale you, dear reader, with thoughts, rants, emotions, YouTube clips, emails, etc. that have nothing to do with work and everything to do with my ADHD (self-diagnosed) induced streams of consciousness, words of wisdoms, snap-judgments, rash over-generalizations, pet-peeves and crack-pot theories. Prepare to be astounded by my unmitigated gall and sheer idiocy. For your (and my) entertainment pleasure, I present to you…Undertime!


DISCLAIMER: I like my job. I want to keep my job. Sometimes, I have to work. Sometimes, I have to work a lot. Deal with it. I do.

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